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Children's Ministry Director

Toccoa, GA, USA

Job Type


About the Role

* Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
* Desire to grow in faith and commitment to God and participate in personal Bible study and prayer.
* Worship regularly with the church family.
* Communicate regularly with supervisor.
* Coordinate teacher tasks, including use of supplies and room setup.
* Lead the large group time (Bible study and/or worship), involving other teachers as appropriate.
* Pray regularly for each member of the Children’s Ministry staff and each child in your ministry.
* Recruit teachers/volunteers for Children’s Ministry.
* Give practical tips for solving problems.
* Observe, evaluate, and affirm teachers in order to help them understand their strengths and to encourage them in areas where improvement is possible.
* Coordinate regular planning meetings for team members that include teacher training and opportunities for spiritual growth.
* Oversee the purchase, distribution, and use of all equipment and supplies (curriculum, snacks, art supplies, etc.).
* Communicate the church’s approved safety policy to all Children’s Ministry staff/volunteers, regularly evaluate its use and take necessary steps to put the policy into practice.
* Express appreciation to the Children’s Ministry staff/volunteers regularly
* Communicate with church leaders and the congregation regarding the purpose, value, and procedures of Children’s Ministry.
*. Maintain cleanliness and preparation of children’s room/spaces

Student Follow-Up Responsibilities:
* Follow up on visitors and absentees with messages, phone calls, and/or personal visits.
* Care for each class member with prayer, calls, birthday cards, etc.
* Communicate individual student needs to parents.

Check-in Responsibilities:
* Be present from 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM each Sunday morning.
* Set up the check-in area so students are safely checked-in and out.
* Assist parent(s) as needed with check in.
* Offer a friendly greeting to each family, alerting families to any special announcements or procedural changes.
* Pay special attention to visitors. Get names and addresses, give name tags, direct children and parents to appropriate rooms, etc


  • (Preferred) Experience in caring for children from nursery-5th grade with the ability to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities.

  • At least 18 years of age

  • Completion of background check

  • Completion of a drug screen

  • Must adhere to The Springs Church Toccoa Guidelines

  • Three References

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